Indonesian Embassy
JAN 2023
Architecture design

Indonesian Embassy, architecture

In the heart of diplomatic grandeur, our design for the Indonesian Embassy Pavilion stands as a modern-day marvel. Merging sustainable architecture with cultural aesthetics, we present an eco-conscious space that embodies Indonesia's lush landscapes and artisanal heritage..

The pavilion’s exterior, a triumphant assembly of white geometric forms, integrates living walls that resonate with Indonesia’s tropical essence. This living tapestry of greenery enhances the urban ecosystem and symbolizes the harmony between nature and innovation.

Ambient lighting transforms the outdoor deck into a captivating setting that invites dialogue and interaction. Here, the golden glow against the sleek wooden surface captures the tranquility of Balinese nights, offering a venue for events that speak the language of inclusivity and warmth.

Our architecture design strategy has been to blend ecological responsibility with minimalist elegance. With furniture that pairs modern lines with Indonesian motifs, the pavilion is a testament to eco-friendly luxury that’s both functional and visually enthralling.


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