Enrico Martin
New York, NY
JAN 2023
Architecture design


At the core of Bahria Town's surveillance lies the Bahria Command and Control Centre, a testament to modern security solutions. Conceived within the Bahria Civic Centre, this facility is a paradigm of efficient space utilization and cutting-edge design crafted to meet the demands of constant vigilance.

Our design strategy was driven by the need for unobstructed operational flow, ensuring that the center’s staff could perform their surveillance duties quickly and precisely. The interior, marked by muted tones and deliberate material selection, mirrors the corporate ethos while facilitating a stress-free atmosphere vital for focus and alertness.

Every aspect of the center’s environment, from the ergonomic furniture to the sophisticated technology interfaces, has been integrated to enhance functionality and ensure comfort. The meticulous design also addresses the imperative of confidentiality, with security protocols ingrained into every facet of the space.

The Bahria Command and Control Centre is not just a hub of surveillance; it’s a specially curated environment where design meets diligence, fostering a setting that’s as vigilant as it is refined.


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