Eden Residencia
JAN 2023
Architecture design

Eden Residencia architecture

At Odd Architecture, we approached the Eden Residencia project with a keen understanding of its contextual context and existing parameters. Our goal was to create an interior setting that not only complemented the surrounding environment but also catered to the diverse moods and needs of its occupants.

Considering the contextual context of the site and the existing parameters the interior setting has been made to cater to every mood. Selection of materials and colors have been kept neutral. The internal spaces have been designed in tone with keeping a spacious and continuous living environment. From flooring to walling, materials have been carefully selected as to cater to the seamless intent of design.

In line with our brand ethos, we made deliberate choices in selecting materials and colors for the interior spaces. Opting for a neutral palette, we aimed to create a timeless backdrop that would allow for versatility and flexibility in decor. This approach ensures that the interior design remains relevant and appealing over time, adapting to evolving tastes and trends.

A key focus of our design philosophy for Eden Residencia was to foster a sense of spaciousness and continuity throughout the living spaces. By carefully planning the layout and flow of each room, we aimed to optimize the available space and create a harmonious living environment. From the flooring to the walling, every element was meticulously chosen to contribute to the seamless integration of design elements.

  1. Odd Architecture designed Eden Residencia with versatility and harmony.
  2. Timeless adaptability characterizes Eden Residencia’s interiors.
  3. Our design enhances Eden Residencia’s living spaces seamlessly.

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