Transforming Gloria Jeans Murree into an Architectural Landmark

Transforming Gloria Jeans Murree into an Architectural Landmark


Gloria Jeans, a renowned coffee franchise, is expanding its presence across Pakistan, and the picturesque town of Murree has been chosen as the site for its latest franchise. Opting for excellence in architectural design, Gloria Jeans entrusted ODD with crafting a space that embodies the brand’s identity and becomes a landmark within the Murree landscape. Situated prominently along the Main Murree Expressway, the Gloria Jeans Murree project presents a unique canvas characterized by terraced levels and an expansive presence, Offering a distinctive opportunity to create an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly integrates with its environment while standing out as a beacon of innovation. Architects in Islamabad & Rawalpindi present a canvas for bold creativity, where every line drawn and every material chosen contributes to a vision that transcends convention. With meticulous attention to detail, it invites architects to weave sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics into a harmonious whole. The result? It is a structure that not only impresses but inspires, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape and the minds of all who encounter i


Environmental and Topographical Considerations:

Murree’s unique climatic conditions and diverse topography pose significant challenges for architectural design. From steep hillsides to variable weather patterns, the environment demands careful consideration to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the Gloria Jeans Murree project. ODD’s approach involves studying the local climate, terrain, and ecological factors to develop solutions that enhance the customer experience while mitigating the impact of environmental factors.

Brand Alignment:

At the heart of the Gloria Jeans Murree project is aligning the architectural design with the brand’s identity and values. Every aspect of the space, from its layout to its aesthetic elements, must reflect Gloria Jeans’ commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement. ODD’s design strategy integrates brand elements seamlessly into the architectural fabric, creating an immersive experience that resonates with patrons and strengthens brand loyalty. Their innovative approach enhances the aesthetic appeal and fosters a deeper connection between the space and its users, elevating the overall brand experience. This dedication to blending functionality with aesthetics is evident in their groundbreaking work, such as their collaboration with Bahria’s Command Centre, where ODD shaped the future of surveillance. Learn more about this transformative project here: How ODD Shaped the Future of Surveillance with Bahria’s Command Centre.


Holistic Design Philosophy:

ODD’s approach to architectural design is rooted in a holistic philosophy that prioritizes harmony between form and function. By considering the interplay between aesthetics, functionality, and environmental factors, ODD seeks to create spaces that look stunning and perform optimally in real-world conditions. This comprehensive approach ensures that the Gloria Jeans Murree project meets its aesthetic goals and delivers practical benefits to users and stakeholders.

Transforming Gloria Jeans Murree into an Architectural Landmark

Biophilic Design and Sustainability:

In designing the Gloria Jeans Murree project, ODD draws inspiration from the natural world, employing biophilic design principles to create spaces that promote well-being and connection to nature. Sustainable materials and energy-efficient strategies are incorporated throughout the design to minimize the project’s environmental footprint and enhance its resilience to climate change. By embracing sustainability, ODD aims to create a space that delights visitors and contributes positively to the local ecosystem.

Brand Storytelling:

At its core, the Gloria Jeans Murree project is a story waiting to be told—a narrative of innovation, community, and connection. Through thoughtful design elements and immersive experiences, ODD seeks to bring this story to life, inviting visitors to engage with the brand on a deeper level. From the moment patrons step foot into the space, they are enveloped in a narrative that celebrates the rich heritage of Gloria Jeans and its commitment to excellence in coffee culture.

Seamless Integration with the Landscape:

One of the defining features of the Gloria Jeans Murree project is its seamless integration with the natural landscape. ODD’s design approach emphasizes sensitivity to the site’s topography and surroundings, creating a space that feels like an organic extension of its environment. Terraced levels and thoughtful site planning ensure the project complements its surroundings while maximizing views and access to natural light.

Flexibility and Inviting Spaces:

At Gloria Jeans Murree, versatility is key. The space is designed to cater to various customer preferences and activities, from casual coffee breaks to formal gatherings. Flexible seating arrangements, modular furniture, and adaptable layouts allow the space to evolve throughout the day, accommodating changing needs and preferences. Whether patrons seek a quiet corner to work or a lively atmosphere to socialize, Gloria Jeans Murree offers a welcoming environment.

Cultural Enrichment:

In designing the Gloria Jeans Murree project, ODD pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan, incorporating elements of local craftsmanship and cultural significance throughout the space. From traditional motifs to artisanal materials, every detail is carefully curated to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of Pakistani culture. By celebrating the country’s heritage, Gloria Jeans Murree has become a coffeehouse and a cultural hub, fostering connection and appreciation for the local community.

Brand Identity:

At Gloria Jeans Murree, the brand’s identity is woven into every design aspect, from the architecture to the interior decor. Innovative architectural elements, distinctive signage, and branded merchandise all contribute to a cohesive brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. By staying true to the essence of Gloria Jeans, the space becomes more than just a coffeehouse—a symbol of the brand’s values and vision.


In transforming Gloria Jeans Murree into an architectural landmark, ODD is committed to delivering a design solution that meets the project’s functional requirements and transcends expectations to create a space that inspires and delights. By embracing the challenges posed by the site and leveraging our expertise in architectural design, we are confident in our ability to realize Gloria Jeans’ vision for a flagship destination that redefines the coffeehouse experience in Murree and leaves a lasting impression on visitors for years to come.

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