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For NOVA lamps in fair prices, you are in for a treat. With elegant design and fantastic wood crafting, these lamps are a perfect addition to your room accessories list. Phenomenal combination of wood and epoxy resin makes it a superb and just one-click away possession.​


Lamps are an essential items especially in night when darkness rules and you mind is occupied with thoughts or memories and you are looking up on your wall in that dim light. Now some may prefer darkness but if you are not a fan of complete darkness then ODD Intersect lamps are here to rescue you. 


Epoxy River Table is a hybrid furniture, made out of wooden planks and Rein in between. ODD team is proud of its craftsmanship. From a design to implementation, it is made sure that not only these table are a must-add item to your furniture list but also the design of each of these table bring a sense of genuinity and reliability to your rooms.


Tables play a key role in everyone lives. Though one may not believe it but its true. Every meetup, lunches, studies, memories and much more happens around the tables. Hence your table must not only be strong enough but also be unique and elegant so that its makes your moments not only happier but memorable as well.

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