Architecture & construction

Eden Residencia

Based in the suburban Islamabad, Eden Life is a Residential society. With much to offer to the local inhabitants, Eden promises a potential like no other. The topography, the landscape the hills at the far end and of course the Islamabad weather; all of which aids to making Eden Life a site for sore eyes. Eden Resedencia is the 10-Marla model house. Built on modern lines the house is especially designed for the everyday local family.

Considering the contextual context of the site and the existing parameters the interior setting has been made to cater to every mood. Selection of materials and colors have been kept neutral. The internal spaces have been designed in tone with keeping a spacious and continuous living environment. From flooring to walling, materials have been carefully selected as to cater to the seamless intent of design.

Interior Design

Gloria Jeans Coffee House

Gloria Jeans has various franchises along the landscape of Pakistan. Upon launching a franchise in Murree, ODD was indulged for architectural services.  Located on

Main Murree Expressway, Gloria Jeans Murree has a unique site. Its terraced levels and stretched out presence has the opportunity of becoming a landmark.

The design challenge is to cater to the environmental climatic, topographical and contextual factors. Also the brand identity has a significant role to play. As the site resides on a vantage point facing a blissful view in the midst of a natural habitat, The program requires a vast sitting space. Design intent has been primarily based on a vernacular premise.

General Post Office (GPO)

Architecture & Interior Design

General Post Office – (GPO) is perhaps the most vital landmark of Murree. As it looks down on the main spine Mall road. It has a dense historic relevance and over time it has become a landmark for its entire vicinity. The internal rearrangement and the overall renovation and revitalization of GPO has been catered by ODD. 

Taking the historical, contextual and existing architectural typology in to consideration, the internal spaces have been designed in a traditional manner.

Program allocation has been reiterated; Two-thirds of the total area is to be reallocated as a cafe/sitting area, whereas One-third of it will remain as the initial program (GPO). 


Located in Murree, the interior of an apartment responding to light and usage of space. Light colors, minimal furniture and fixtures.


Residential project located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Bedroom, closet and sitting space accommodated with a modern finish. Bright color with ample light makes the space come to life.


Bahria Command and Control Centre is the animus room which controls the surveillance of entire Bahria town. Situated in Bahria Civic Centre, the animus room has to cater to its required staff and technical equipment. With a fixed program and a specified quota of authorized personel allowed in the vicinity the site holds a challenge in relation to designing for everyday tasks; ergo considering the circulation, routines, timings of shifts etc.

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